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Impacts of climate change

What changes in climate should be expected in the region of Dresden?

The following two brochures provide information about the topic (only available in German):

Fact sheet regional climate change [PDF] (TU Dresden, Chair of Meteorology, Ch. Bernhofer, M. Heidenreich, K. Riedel)

Fact sheet climate change Dresden [PDF] (TU Dresden, Chair of Meteorology Ch. Bernhofer, K. Riedel, M. Heidenreich, V. Goldberg)

Climate change has a variety of effects on the companies within the model region Dresden. The increasing number of hot days as well as rising maximum temperatures have a direct impact on the production conditions. For example, the air-conditioning of production rooms or the cooling of cold or freezer storages. The exceedance of the determined temperature limits of the technical facilities can lead to reduced product quality as well as production failures. An increased number of heat waves has an impact on the comfort and thus on the physical strength of the employees.

The increased number of tropical nights has an indirect impact on the nightly regeneration phases of the employees. Furthermore, the security of the water and energy supply can be decreased through extreme weather events such as floods and droughts. Also the mining and delivery of energy and raw materials is more difficult because of extreme weather events, which can lead to production cuts. Additionally, in the course of climate change there will be a structural change in terms of the demand for consumer goods. This creates new markets, but can also reduce existing market opportunities. As a consequence, climate change is associated with chances and risks within the industrial sector in the model region of Dresden. Those chances and risks can matter sectorally as well as intersectorally.

More information about the topic “Why adaptation” can be found here

More detailed information about the “Integrated regional climate adaptation program for the model region Dresden. Basics, objectives and measures.” can be found here [PDF]. (REGKLAM-KONSORTIUM (ed.))

The strategic concept of the integrated regional climate adaptation program for the model region Dresden can be found here [PDF].



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